Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon at the Opera

There was an instant where I felt the universe stopped, so intense the excitement and the energy, so magical the colors and lights, so heavenly the music I wish it would go on forever...

An elating and yet exhausting experience.

I am meditating on this poem by Rilke.

To Music

Music. The breathing of statues. Perhaps:
The silence of pictures.You, language where all
languages end. You, time
standing straight up out of the direction
of hearts passing on.

Feeling, for whom? O the transformation
of feeling into what?— into audible landscape.
Music: you stranger. Passion which
has outgrown us. Our inner most being,
transcending, driven out of us,—
holiest of departures:
inner worlds now
the most practiced of distances, as
the other side of thin air:
no longer habitable.