Friday, June 3, 2011

At the Piano

A few self-portraits I did 5 years ago exactly today.

It seems like 5 years ago was longer than it really was. Work was busy and exciting, we were upgrading to a new version of PeopleSoft. I was making good progress at the piano with my teacher. In the evening I'd go out dancing salsa late into the night. The garden was exploding with purple and yellow flowers. The World Cup was going to happen soon. I have many happy memories of this summer. I was also speaking French again everyday as Yannick and I were getting re-acquainted... Hearing French and his gentle voice on the phone made me happy!

I found an email I wrote 5 years ago today (3 June 2006) to my aunt Sai and uncle George who live in Switzerland. "...I have to find a way to record the piano because I want to share with you. Last week I played a Rachmaninoff prelude for my teacher and she's quite pleased. I am learning a new one. I love Rachmaninoff music. It goes straight to my heart..."

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