Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few Days in Provence

Last Thursday I packed for a 4-5 day trip to some unknown destination that Yannick had organized as a surprise.

And what perfect timing. After such an uncharacteristically cold spring, it was just about the first beautiful warm day. Which was followed by beautiful warm, hot, almost too hot days. And as it turned out, our destination was Provence!

This photo was taken by Yannick. He used to have a lovely black cat named Ciboulette, which is French for chive. Perhaps that's why he has an affinity for black cats. When he sees one, he'd run chasing after it for a picture.

But then he also likes to take pictures of me too.

At the end of the day, we'd come back to the bed and breakfast, and Yannick would swim for a while and then we'd have our picnic dinner which was quite a simple affair -- some deli meat, cheese, wine, bread, etc. But what was truly memorable were the super flavourful tomatoes, the sweet juicy cantaloupes and cherries (merci Yannick!)

Another planned surprise visit was to the musée de bonbons (candy museum). I had been discovering French candies. My favourites are Mao Croqui and Carambar.

"Coucou !"

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zazen said...

Very Nice pics! Excepted the ones with the 2 banana in the fields...