Saturday, July 10, 2010

Market Snapshots

In Lyon, you can go to a farmers market everyday of the week, all year round, rain or shine. Our local market which is a block from our apartment happens on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. At this time of year, we get very excited about fruits, and so I go most market days.

Always found in our shopping bag are nectarines, cherries, cantaloupes, and beefsteak tomatoes. They are really very tasty!

Saturday morning is a busy time here, and so this morning it was a good time to snap some pictures discreetly.

With the exception with this jolly fellow who is always cheery, if not flirty. Mademoiselle, come taste my melon!

All kinds of fresh herbs with a pretty smile. And we buy our cherries from this madame.

Les olives et les piments. Ok, I cheated. This photo was taken at another market a couple of years ago.

Les poissons which is French for fish.

Les biscuits et les patisseries. Each time I pass I keep thinking to myself that I would love to do this for a living. Imagine, you get to make all kinds of goodies, and you get money for it too!

And then there's the smelly part of the market, where when we pass, without fail, Yannick would scrunge up his nose and makes some kind of noises. For those who don't know, this one French man detests cheese.

But this he loves. Saucisses. But I pass.

Yannick insisted that I included this monsieur eating cerise in this post.

Bon appetit and happy weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

I like the picture with the finger monsieur who's eating the cherry :)
My idea !

Apple said...

Monsieur looks unhappy? Maybe he prefers strawberries :-P

Libellule said...

Le Monsieur c'est une idee tres originale. Il a quand meme de grande dents!