Friday, August 20, 2010

Eating Light

Does this man look like he needs to lose some pounds? Yes, according to him and his doctor. And being a supportive partner, I am happily obliged to create an 'eating light' menu plan for him until the goal is achieved.

Day 1 dinner: tofu lasagna.

Day 2 dinner: leek quiche.

Day 3 dinner: maple roasted chicken breast with roasted tomatoes and braised fennels.

Day 4 dinner: home made thin crust vegetarian pizza. The diet boy said he needed some junk food TODAY! I thought real quick before he made a suggestion of his own. A pizza? Ok! As light a pizza as I can make... Then diet boy wanted a sorbet. Ok, but you finish this nectarine first. This trick WORKED! No more craving for sorbet after.

Day 5 dinner: garlic tamarind prawns, chili tofu, and sauteed spinach. The diet boy started becoming more demanding... Then a little sorbet. Then 1.5 chocolate chip cookies. Oh well. We are going to take a break and hopefully we'll have the motivation to resume this for a few days next week.

It's been fun for me and the diet boy lost 2.5 pounds.


Anonymous said...

this woman is calculatrice !

Apple said...

What's wrong with the diet boy's doc??! (I won't ask what's wrong with the diet boy himself as we've known all along he isn't right :-P)

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