Saturday, August 21, 2010

U Pick Farm

Today it was sunny and hot and this was my first time to a U Pick farm.

A friend of ours Hai Tai who is also Yannick's badminton partner came with us. He's also a banana which, I just learned, refers to a person of Asian descent (yellow outside) who thinks and acts like a Caucasian (white inside).

Here they are tasting different chili peppers and making funny noises.

Cherry tomatoes in a green house.

Picking raspberries. But it's more picking and eating raspberries and I believe more went into the mouths than the baskets.

Wheeling away the treasures.

U pick farm on a beautiful sunny afternoon makes a wonderful excursion indeed and because we love making these small excursions, I am adding a new blog category Excursion. Oh, and also La Dolce Vita. The sweet life. Living sweet moments. Because living sweet moments is important, sweet moments like being in good company, and picking and eating these raspberries fresh from the bushes, and filling our little baskets with them.


Anonymous said...


Where is this Upick farm, please? I live in Lyon, is it nearby? Thanks,

Rung Potisart said...

Hi Mary,

Yes, it's nearby. Here's the website. http://www.chapeaudepaille.fr/cueillettes.php?rub=29
The raspberries were very good. But not apples and not the corn.