Friday, September 3, 2010

4 years

Is Paris the most romantic city in the world? Let me confirm. Yes yes yes!

Four years ago today I arrived in Paris to meet Yannick for the first time after some months of internet flirting (I was living in Victoria and he was living in Lyon). The last time I saw him it was four years prior.

This was taken in Lyon in October 2002, our first picture of us together. We were young and innocent (ha!)

2006. Four years later, we decided that we were in love...

2007 during our vacation together in Provence in an otherwise long distance relationship.

2008. Engaged and living together in Victoria. This picture was taken during our vacation in Thailand.

2009 during our trip to my sister Saifone and Mikey's wedding in Bangkok. We had planned to have a double wedding with them but we postponed because of our relocation project. We had decided to move back to France to make it our permanent home. Yannick moved 7 months before me and at this time we conducted our romance long distance again.

2010. Our new life together in Lyon.

Four years have gone by quickly and we have packed in a lot of things. My longest relationship, and his too. A celebration is in order! Later on this month we are returning to Paris for the first time after our romantic rendez-vous there 4 years ago, but today we are heading south for a few days to enjoy the last days of the summer.

Happy anniversary!

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Ngân Đàm said...

J'adore ces photos! Vous etez trop mignons.